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Friends of Loudoun House

Friends of Loudoun House was formed in 1999 to help friends and supporters of Loudoun House Museum keep informed about museum issues and to help us to raise money and provide other assistance for building and collection maintenance.

Irvinebank has a population of only 100 people yet we have the task of maintaining and restoring three historic buildings - Loudoun House (1884), the School of Arts Hall (1901) and the Police Station (1886).

Your subscription will help us with this task.

A quarterly newsletter sent to subscribers contains items of historical interest about Irvinebank, Stannary Hills and the surrounding region. Many members contribute stories which helps us learn more about local history.

Friends of Loudoun House Museum membership also helps to forge closer links between the many people who have an interest in the history of the area and its people and who want to ensure the preservation of Irvinebanks' historic buildings and heritage collections for generations to come.

This website contains stories from the Friends of Loudoun House newsletter and will be a useful forum for sharing information and learning about the rich heritage of the Tin Fields of Far North Queensland.

To join Friends of Loudoun House, send a cheque or money order donation to the value of $25 to:

Loudoun House Museum,
Irvinebank, Q. 4872


Donations are tax - deductible

Sample Articles

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