Far North Queensland History

Towns and Places

History of the Atherton Tablelands
From the dreamtime to the present. A tropical paradise and racial battleground. From frontier warfare to the battle for the Pacific.
History of Atherton
At first a camp for timbermen, 'Priors Pocket' progressed to a Cobb and Co. staging station, and eventually a prosperous agricultural town.
History of Cairns
As settlers from the southern colonies and overseas rushed to Far North Queensland to exploit the resources of the hinterland, the Queensland Government declared Trinity Inlet to be a settlement named 'Cairns'.
History of Chillagoe
Named after a nonsense-word from a sea shanty, Chillagoe began as a cattle station, developed into a mining and refining center, and was embroiled in a corruption scandal that brought down a government and was immortalized in fiction by Frank Hardy.
History of Herberton
Herberton was the first town established on the Atherton Tablelands, and it led to the development of other towns in the region, including Atherton and Cairns.
History of Irvinebank
After founding the Great Northern Mine and Battery in Herberton, John Moffat bought Gibb's Camp, where he founded his community, which he named 'Irvinebank'.
North Queensland's Wild West
An imaginary description of a frontier mining town in North Queensland circa 1893. Originally published in Infocus Magazine.


John Moffat, Wonder of the North
Biographical notes and quotes about a pioneer mining entrepeneur.
William MacFarlane FRGS, Missionary, Surgeon, Astronomer
Dr McFarlane served the town of Irvinebank after serving as a missionary surgeon in South Africa and China.
Edward Granville (Red Ted) Theodore
It was in Irvinebank that Red Ted Theodore first put his political convictions to action, founding the first branch of the Amalgamated Workers' Association.
Mike O'Callaghan's History of Irvinebank
An oral history of Irvinebank by a man who had worked for John Moffat in his youth.
John Atherton
The story of the first European settler on the Atherton Tablelands, after whom the area, and town of Atherton are named.

Film and Literature

Historical Films of North Queensland
Historical footage, films, and movies made in or about North Queensland.
Books and Literature
North Queensland in books and literature
Among cannibals: an account of four years' travels in Australia and of camp life with the aborigines of Queensland Carl Lumholtz, 1889
Web version with extra illustrations edited by author of Atherton Tableland Netguide.

Global Subjects

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The real motivation for the colonisation of Australia was the production of hemp and other naval resources.
History of the Internet
In 1945, Vannevar Bush envisioned a future device which resembled what eventually evolved into the World Wide Web.